Nursing Home

Services Provided

  • Parenteral Nutrition

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Urinal indwelling catheterization care

  • Urology Care

  • Stroke Victim Care

  • Coma Care

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • Counseling and Advice

Services Available For:

  • Sufferers of Chronic Diseases, Disability, or the Bed-Ridden

  • Post Surgery Patients

  • Those needing additional care following hospital check-out

  • The Elderly and Retired

  • Long Term Kidney Dialysis Patients

  • Physically Disabled Outpatients

  • Sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease

To Apply for Care:

Come register at the Nursing Home and bring your medical records. Wait for the staff to evaluate your condition and suitability. Sign the agreement to entrust care in our hands.

Those who are not suited to stay at our hospitals include those with:

  • Infectious Disease

  • Active Tuberculosis

  • Acute and unstable conditions

  • Serious infectious skin conditions

Distinguishing Features of Our Organization:

  • Nursing Home in proper legal standing

  • Five Star Facilities

  • Automated Air Conditioning System

  • Kindhearted Care, Utmost Privacy

  • Fully equipped and standardized fire safety equipment

  • Complete medical resources, strong team of physicians

  • Specialty department physicians subject to monthly inspections

  • Professional bedside dietician on hand

  • Professional Physical and Occupational Therapy, Pharmaceutical Team

  • Public accidental liability insurance

  • Family-style theater

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